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Flower Art Award 2013 in Tokyo Midtown 特別賞受賞

Flower Art Award 2013 in Tokyo Midtownに出展参加。

作品名”軽井沢天空からの癒し 大自然の恵み”




Event at Singapore Takashimaya SC

Shine of  Rose in Singapore

At Studio Miu Art in Takashimaya Shopping Center


::Event Outline::

The flower heals preson’s mind,and gives happiness for a long time.

We will propasethe works of the arrangement that uses,designs,

and makes my flower, preserved flower, and freeze-dried flower

bringing the shine and happines aat Christmas of everybody in

Singapore and beginning of event of an approaching new year.

Thank you

Flower Designer MOTOKO MINAMI

in front of Studio Miu Art


The eventhall front

Inside eventhall

Resin Work

Flower Ice Box

Romantic Rose Bouquet

Mirror Arrangement

Material all freezedry flower

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